About 1WSCP

Our vision is to ensure that every young female aspirational leader has the support they need to make the corporate world a truly equal playing field – where gender diversity is not a goal, but a cultural necessity.
We want the female and male executives of this world to foster an environment where leaving a legacy isn’t connected to money or title but where success is measured in the wisdom they pass on and the amount of step stones they laid for the next generation of women and men alike.

Here at 1WSCP we are a team of amazing mentors and those running the program. Our team is truly global – together we come from over 7 countries, 3 continents and speak over 5 languages.
Even our business backgrounds are very wide and broad: we are bankers, lawyers, business men and women, scientists, authors, consultants, HLer, CEOs and Managing Partners.

Most importantly though, we are a team of men and women, because we truly believe that the gender diversity revolution in big business needs to be lead by both genders.

Our Team:
Michaela Drost – 1WSCP PR & Marketing Specialist

Michaela has been deeply involved in French-German friendship for many years. Her passion has not only motivated her to support the exchange between the twin cities Tourcoing and Bottrop, her home town, but also made her create a youth blog for young French-German lovers.
Apart from that Michaela enjoys travelling around the world, has lived in London and Leeds, and made foreign languages and cultures her No.1 hobby.
Since 2014, Michaela lives in Paris working for the French-German Joint Venture, where she started as communication manager and now assists the CEO  in his daily work and strategic projects.

Chloé Saby  – 1WSCP Ambassador

Chloé Saby is Compliance Specialist at Haufe Group in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, the Germany’s leading provider of digital workplace and business solutions as well as of training and professional development offerings.

From 2012 to 2016 she was Compliance Manager at BuyIn commuting between Paris and Bonn. She developed the Compliance Management System for the Procurement Joint-Venture of Deutsche Telekom and Orange. Chloé holds a double French and German Master’s degree in Political Science.

Last but not least Chloé is a voluntary French-German ambassador. She has been Head of the Cluny Forum 2016 Organization, the French-German intercompany meeting for young business talents.

Margit Weiss – Responsible for Mentor Talks and Webinars

Exchange enables an open-minded setting and solution findings – focusing in the past on Business questioning and differences between the French and the German culture in her ordinary daily life, Margit’s wish is to continue the exchange for giving people the possibility to be confronted with new points. She studied Business Administration first in combination with an apprenticeship in an automotive company. Afterwards she had the wish to continue with theoretical approaches in a double-master (in Germany and France), looking more in deep on International Business Management. After her studies she worked as an Executive Assistant learning a lot of different management approaches and establishing project-management and lean management in the division. Now she is working as an In-house Consultant of Lean-Management for an automotive company, being always confronted towards new culture – of markets and countries, but also of brands and departments. Sharing this experiences is really worthwhile, makes us happy and enables others getting to know new ways. This is why she is proud to organize in the following months digital talks with the presentation of a specific topic or person.