Anja Waldeck

Anja Waldeck
  1. Tell us who you are!

    My name is Anja, I am 30 years old, from Germany and I work in international B2BSales.

  2. Tell us more about your career steps and other projects you were part of!

    I am a translator and interpreter with a MBA. After a graduate program in the packaging industry, I started working as a sales manager and sell materials to industrial customers for several years. International, cross-functional projects around both commodities and innovative products are my daily routine.

  3. Why do you think that “Social Capital” is important?

    Especially female young professionals often underestimate the importance of social capital and do not have a strong network they can leverage to boost and stabilize their career. I think that professional women should discuss matters regarding social capital more openly and start to genuinely support and teach each other – it will help us to break the glass ceiling.

  4. What makes you successful in life/current job?

    I am successful because I am different and proud of it– a female in a male-dominated industry, a humanist in an industrial environment, a free spirit in the corporate world and a young professional in a position mainly held by more senior colleagues. I want to support others in being themselves in the working place – only when we stop pretending that we are just like men and only look slightly different, we will make true gender diversity reality.

  5. What are your aspirations as a 1World Mentor for the 1World Social Capital Program?

    I want to help other women to pursue their aspirations in a smart and sustainable way– I am lucky enough to be able to rely on a solid professional network and I want to give back.

  6. What can you offer your 1World Mentee?

    Advice and coaching from a female perspective on career choices, salary and contract negotiations, presentation and communication skills, intercultural working environments, etiquette and dress code and working in male-dominated teams and industries.

  7. What does your ideal 1World Mentee look like?

    A young female professional who is eager to make her way in an environment where young women are still the exception and not the norm.

  8. What are your aspirations for your 1World Mentee?

    To support in being herself and being successful by giving her the opportunity to exchange thoughts and possibly tell her a little trick or two.