Conny Amato-Zelić

Conny Amato-Zelić
  1. Tell us who you are!

    I am an analytical, solutions-focused professional with more than 25 years of work experience. I am very energetic and passionate about everything I do. I am German and grew up in the Munich area. I have a Croatian husband, two lovely grown-up children and two lazy cats. Since March 2017 I have been living in the suburbs of Cologne, Germany.

  2. Tell us more about your career steps and other projects you were part of!

    I have a diverse background of leadership positions in the areas of Market Research, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Consulting. My career is marked by highly visible and networked roles with global leaders in high-tech and telecom industries such as Siemens and Nokia.

  3. What does “Social Capital” mean to you?

    A network of strong social relationships based on solidarity, mutual respect and similar values in order to support and benefit each other.

  4. What makes you successful in life/current job?

    Result (not problem) orientation; excellent communication skills; entrepreneurial and long-term thinking; quick learner; ability to motivate people and teams; intercultural understanding.

  5. What is/has been your biggest achievement professionally and personally?

    Within one year, I have turned an inefficient and weak team of around 10 female call center agents (who were constantly fighting each other) into a really powerful team with high efficiency, strong results and – above all – solidarity and mutual support.

  6. What skills, experiences or incidences helped you to get you to where you are today? What hindered?

    Being open, authentic and enthusiastic definitely helped me.
    Being a perfectionist and trying to please everybody made it sometimes difficult for me to ensure my wellbeing and to maintain a healthy work-life-balance.

  7. What are your aspirations as a 1World Mentor for the 1World Social Capital Program?

    Supporting other women with my experience, knowledge and background.

  8. What can you offer your 1World Mentee?

    Support to help solve actual problems, define strategies to achieve a goal, get orientation in times of change or uncertainty, or whatever is needed to make work life better 😉

  9. What does your ideal 1World Mentee look like?

    Someone who is open for new approaches and ideas.

  10. What are your aspirations for your 1World Mentee?

    Willingness to achieve.

  11. Do you believe there is a glass ceiling for young female professionals? If yes, how can we break it?

    Yes, unfortunately. => We need determination, creativity, stamina and self-confidence.