Fanny McWatt

Fanny McWatt
  1. Tell us who you are!

    I am a content strategist for an advertising agency specializing in healthcare and pharmaceutical brands in New York City. I started my career as a scientist and have a PhD from the department of Pathology at Columbia University and realized I wanted a career that was more social and diverse. I have always loved writing and found out about medical education and advertising from a friend. I eventually became an associate creative director and with the digital boom in healthcare, moved over to content strategy to help ensure the right information gets to patients and physicians at the right time.

  2. Tell us more about your career steps and other projects you were part of!

    I have had many different jobs and have been able to apply different skills learned from each one to what I do today. When in college, I sold advertising space to local businesses and learned the importance of client service. I also interned for a documentary film company focused on social justice issues during graduate school where I learned how to tell convincing stories through audio and visual engagement. I learned that even if you’re in a job that isn’t exactly what you want to do, you should go the extra mile to do the best job you can and make the most of it, because you never know when those skills will be useful.

  3. What does “Social Capital” mean to you?

    I live in New York City, where who you know is often more important than what you know. Everyone has skills and can learn, but the right opportunities won’t find you if you aren’t putting yourself out there. A huge part of building success relies on knowing the right person at the right time.

  4. What makes you successful in life/current job?

    Knowing what I want and where I want to go, and not being afraid to go after it. Balancing work and life is key too, especially as a woman and mom. If you’re not happy at home, you won’t be happy at work.