Josep Maria Crespi

Jose Maria Crespi Reyes
  1. Tell us who you are!

    My name is Josep Mª Crespi, born in Barcelona in 1981. Passionate about new entrepreneurial ventures. Living between Barcelona and Geneva.

  2. Tell us more about your career steps and other projects you were part of!

    I have been working in FMCG industry for more than 10 years, also founded a company in the nautical sector. Nowadays working in the tourism industry as a general manager of a business unit, created from zero a year ago.

  3. What does “Social Capital” mean to you?

    To me Social Capital means sharing, is about the value of social networks, bonding similar people and bridging between diverse people, with norms of reciprocity.

  4. What makes you successful in life/current job?

    To me values as Effort, Creativity, Respect for others, Teamwork and Learning from others benefit me to have a personal and professional successful life.

  5. What is/has been your biggest achievement professionally and personally?

    My wife and my family are the best personal achievements I have in my life. Professionally, to be valued for all the bosses I have ever had.

  6. What skills, experiences or incidences helped you to get you to where you are today? What hindered?

    Hard working, keep studding and training about what I thought are important matters, and the most important one for me, networking.

  7. What are your aspirations as a 1World Mentor for the 1World Social Capital Program?

    I would like to contribute with my knowledge and my background with other people to develop their initiatives and also to learn from them.

  8. What can you offer your 1World Mentee?

    I can offer a different point of view of their ventures, I can offer my experience in FMCG and Tourism industry. And I also connect them with some other people who is doing something similar to them.

  9. What does your ideal 1World Mentee look like?

    Somebody who really wants to develop the project I will be involved. A Mentee who gives the 120% of what believe.

  10. What are your aspirations for your 1World Mentee?

    To achieve what their believes, also to be proud of myself as a Mentor.

  11. Do you believe there is a glass ceiling for young female professionals? If yes, how can we break it?

    Sure, we are living in a diversity world but companies, governments and society do not have the inclusion of this diversity. We need time and make people understand about this, but we also need people who do it. In my life, I could meet brilliant female professionals and I am aware, day-by-day, the big companies are getting aware of that.

  12. My hobbies are:
    • Everything related with engines, I love cars, motorbikes, races…
    • Ski, I am a ski fan.
    • Travel.
    • Entrepreneurship