Kate Masschelein

Kate Masschelein
  1. Tell us who you are!

    Hello! My name is Kate Masschelein, originally from Belgium. I have a passion for different cultures. This means that I love to travel for pleasure and work and have lived in the UK, France and the US for the last 15 years. I work for Johnson & Johnson, for 13 years now. My background is mainly sales, marketing and general management but the best part of any job is to lead teams and work with people. I’m a Senior Director for Specialty Marketing for the US for ETHICON, our Medical Devices division. I love working in healthcare and believe that we help people get better. I’m married to a Brit who also works in healthcare but for a technology start-up in NYC. We live in Hoboken, NJ.

  2. Tell us more about your career steps and other projects you were part of!

    After college, I worked for Procter and Gamble for 4 years, mainly in Sales in Belgium. I left P&G to study my MBA at Thunderbird in Arizona before joining Johnson & Johnson in 2003. Getting an MBA has definitely helped broadening my knowledge in management and strengthened my desire to build a long-term career. It’s been a major stepping stone in my career. While at Thunderbird I started a mentoring program on campus, and I’ve been both a mentor and a mentee over the last decade or so.

  3. What does “Social Capital” mean to you?

    It’s ‘investing’ time and energy in networks and people around the world, ultimately leaving the world a tiny bit better off. It’s giving back but also about being able to count on others when you need help,

  4. What makes you successful in life/current job?

    These days my response is, finding a way to balance your career aspirations, personal growth opportunities and just simply enjoying life in the moment. You only live once, and we are expected to have long careers as our lives grow longer and longer. So having fun and enjoying what you do is very important to me.

  5. What skills, experiences or incidences helped you to get you to where you are today? What hindered?

    What has helped me is that I am always open-minded to take on a challenge. That means that sometimes I wasn’t always ready for the next step. But then again, who is? Sometimes we want things to be perfect, perfect time, perfect boss, perfect job, but often taking a risk pays off.
    I’ve moved around a lot for J&J which I loved and I believe it helped me to be a better leader.

  6. What are your aspirations as a 1World Mentor for the 1World Social Capital Program?

    I look forward to forge positive relationships while helping others.

  7. What can you offer your 1World Mentee?

    I can offer a genuine interest in what the goals and aspirations are of my 1World Mentee and help create a plan and share ideas about how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

  8. What does your ideal 1World Mentee look like?

    Willingness to share, open-mindedness, coach-ability, (having a sense of humor would be great too!)

  9. What are your aspirations for your 1World Mentee?

    I aspire to be a sounding board for my 1WorldMentee, first and foremost. I want to learn what some of the critical questions and challenges this person has and through enquiry coach the individual to find solutions that work best.

  10. Do you believe there is a glass ceiling for young female professionals? If yes, how can we break it?

    I believe it’s getting better but having worked in different regions in the world, it does vary from country to country. As much as organizations need to create an environment where upward mobility is encouraged, the responsibility also lies with the individual to challenge, to push and to go for opportunities she feels are part of a fulfilling career. Say yes to stretch assignments, say yes to opportunities to connect with individuals across the organization, say yes to taking on leadership roles or international assignments, or better yet, ask for them!