We are looking forward to building partnerships – media partnerships or otherwise. Our Mentors will always support events that empower women by offering face to face talks and/or mentoring them for one year exclusively.

As we are very new in this space, we are always looking for partners who can help us reach possible Mentees through their channels – female aspirational leaders who might truly benefit from having a Mentor.

Our Partners

BAYER Professional Development Network in the USA and 1World Social Capital are sponsoring monthly online Mentor Talks. Find out when our next guest is speaking by following us on 


We are partnering with her-CAREER at their job fair for women on the 13-14th of October 2016 in Munich. We will be there with two of our Mentors and one Mentee to engage with all visitors one on one (Section: “career-meet-ups”). Two her-Career visitors will have exclusive access to our two Mentors for 1 year thereafter.

synk business school

1World Social Capital will be partnering up with the SYNK Business School in Berlin to support their Young Women Leadership Scholarschip holders with three of our Mentors.

We Are Panda is celebrating female leaders with many annual events, such as competitions in Germany for young female potentials and female executives in all industries. It is a wide network of amazing women who shape our business worlds. The founder and other team members of 1World Social Capital are sometimes speakers at their events or provide mentors for their participants.

Women in Digital Bangladesh and 1World Social Capital are tightly connected. 1World Social Capital sponsors women in Bangladesh and events such as the 24hrs Hackathon 2017. The founder of 1WSCP is also a speaker at their events.

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